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Pathway to a life of dignity

Our highly trained staff and volunteers specialise in providing support, information and referrals for men. Our clients come from all walks of life but have often experienced trauma and disadvantage, so we work to support their individual needs. Often, this begins with understanding their life and career goals and grows to encompass providing new, well-fitting clothes for their chosen career and resume-writing and interview support that helps them get their foot in the door on the way to a job that will provide them stability and opportunity. As we get to know each client, we also provide them with access to Metro Assist programs that can address other areas of need, including financial support; mental health and wellbeing programs; and family services.

The Dress for Work Experience

We are proud to provide services that offer self-esteem and self-sufficiency to our clients.

Our brand-new showroom offers clients a boutique experience and every individual receives personalised care and a fitting with a stylist. Whether clients are looking for a sharp suit for a job interview or hardwearing tradie gear for their first day on the job, we provide brand-new quality garments for everyone.

More than Just Clothes

Dress for Work is much more than just the clothes provision. We also offer employment workshops and mentoring to boys and men, helping them in their job seeking jouney. Whether or not you are a school trying to support your young students in their transition to work, or men looking to have a new start, Dress for Work can assist you in your path.

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