Work Experience with Dress for Work

In November this year, I joined the Dress for Work team as a work experience student, interested in the work that is done by Metro Assist. It is a High School requirement to complete at least 5 consecutive days of work experience as part of Grade 10. My love for working within the community and helping others, made my choice to complete my work experience at Dress for Work much easier.

I feel so lucky to have received the opportunity to work with the Dress for Work program. It has opened my eyes to the problems that people face daily and has only deepened my love for working to help others in the community. During my short time as a part of the Dress for Work team, I witnessed the massive impact that Metro Assist, specifically Dress for Work has on the community.

Dress for Work receives clothing donations of work attire. These clothes must meet certain requirements to ensure that the Dress for Work clients receive appropriate clothing. The self-less Dress for Work volunteers and workers then sort through the donations and organise them by size. The clothes are ironed, tagged and hung up in the Dress for Work storage garage. After the items have been organised and sorted, they are moved to the recently unveiled Dress for Work shed. From the shed, they are moved to the showroom which is where clients get fitted and transformed. Clients are free to choose from a variety of colours and styles. They have a choice of suits, jackets, pants, shirts, shoes, ties, belts and even socks. If the clients are successful in securing a job after their session, they are encouraged to come back to Dress for Work and pick up more clothes that they require for their job. The Dress for Work Instagram and Facebook page are updated regularly to fill in the community on the positive impacts that Dress for Work has on their clients and the rest of the community. This is only some of the hard work that goes into making Dress for Work the amazingly helpful program that it is. The love, care and effort that goes into the program guarantees that it runs smoothly. The members of the Dress for Work team always try their best to ensure that their clients are as comfortable as possible and are receiving the right care to secure a place in the workforce.

Throughout my time spent as a work experience student I experienced different aspects of working for Metro Assist as part of the Dress for Work team. I was able to attend team meetings as well as all-staff events, sort through clothing and help clients find the right fit for them. I love being able to help clients find clothes that they love and appreciate. I got the chance to see the excitement that was felt by the clients and their boost of self-confidence upon receiving their new work attire and I couldn’t help but smile. Knowing that I was in some way, making a positive impact on someone’s life, gave me an indescribable feeling of joy.

Besides Dress for Work, Metro Assist also provides other services, including: financial inclusion, settlement services, family services, employment support, tenancy and advocacy and community hubs. Metro Assist has shown me that there are multiple ways to help the community.

My week at Metro Assist with the Dress for Work team has taught me so much about myself and others in the community. I’ve experienced so many different aspects of Metro Assist’s work and have seen how much effort really goes into helping the people of our community. The things that I got to experience this week have motivated me to constantly be thinking about ways that I could help others and has made me consider a future career in community services. The people at Metro Assist welcomed me with open arms and the guidance that I received during my week of work experience was more than I could ever ask for. I am certain that my time spent at Metro Assist is something that I will never forget.



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