Dress for Work Transformations

It’s no secret at Dress for Work that we love a good ‘Before and After’. And our boutique showroom in Bankstown is no exception. Once a white, drab room devoid of any character or charm (or carpet for that matter!), the Dress for Work showroom has transformed over the last several months into an amazing space  which has now seen countless client transformations of its own.

The showroom itself evokes a feeling of a classic men’s store in uptown city centre, and clients are encouraged to see themselves as empowered individuals taking the first, crucial step in entering into the job market, rather than just individuals facing unemployment or other life difficulties. As a social work student, I feel privileged to observe the Dress for Work team adopt a client-centred approach with each and every client as they work to ensure everyone is respected and empowered when they enter the Dress for Work space.

One of the highlights of my placement has been witnessing the camaraderie amongst our groups as they enter the showroom for a fitting.  Young men who just minutes prior were aloof and shy,  now  channel their best  Anna Wintour  as they  exclaim “That tie is on point!” or “Wow, I love that European slim fit on you!”.  It has been both fulfilling (not to mention entertaining) to observe young male clients encourage each other with supportive feedback and share a few laughs in the process.

Ultimately, I believe it is a combination of the staff and the unique space that makes the Dress for Work experience such a memorable one for our clients. Everyone is made to feel comfortable  which is critical to establishing trust and rapport – the two elements that form the cornerstone of effective case management. Once trust and rapport are achieved, ascertaining the needs of the client often occurs organically, allowing us to effectively assist the client and refer them to other services if required.






One thought on “Dress for Work Transformations

  1. Mike E Kennedy says:

    I’m glad you got the Bediagal elder to bless this room. It’s a special room, a room of transformation…of uplifting spirits, of revealing what is possible for the human spirit.

    It’s a room where loving volunteers do profound work, with not just choosing great suits with stunning accessories, but through the love, care, attention and acknowledgment they give to wounded warriors on the pathway to achieving their highest dreams.

    The room is a stage, the clothes are the props and the magic happens in the mirror, when your client glimpses their own magnificence, possibility and power.

    May everyone who enters this room be uplifted to their highest and best version of themselves.

    May this room serve the humanity of Sydney and bring forth the strength and vision from our wounded men.


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